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cleaningAGENT–The pull-out you can take with you!
Finally all your cleaning products are always at hand wherever you need them.
Original product from Kesseböhmer

Your personal cleaningAGENT is a pull-out system that was specially developed for storing cleaning products and supplies to keep your whole house clean. Upon opening the cabinet door, you are greeted by a clearly arranged overview and convenient access to all bottles, tubes, brushes and sponges.

The caddies can be removed in a single motion. This way, you have everything you need with you as you move throughout the house, rather than only in the kitchen.  All the cleaning products that you use e.g. in the bathroom or for washing windows are right there where you need them. When your work is done, everything returns to the cleaningAGENT in an orderly fashion–until the next time.

The compartments and baskets of the cleaningAGENT are designed such that they can be adapted to your needs. Flexible dividers ensure that the system adapts perfectly to your cleaning habits. And you won’t have to worry about cleaning the cleaningAGENT itself since the durable plastic trays simply go in the dishwasher from time to time.

Comprised of:
1 system caddy
1 hanging container with carrying handle
2 large containers
1 small container
4 compartment dividers
Load capacity: max. 12 kg (4 kg per container)

Supplied without decoration, incl. installation instructions

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