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Vitamins simply from the drawer

One of the big trends that has spread in public spaces over the last few years is urban gardening. Previously unused areas in city centres are being cultivated by leisure gardeners, allotment garden clubs are booming, every centimetre on balconies and terraces is being used for flower beds and window boxes. The longing for more nature, more green meets the desire to add home-grown food to the menu. The Gardening Box (HAILO Micro Garden) in your nobilia kitchen makes growing microgreens as clean and space-saving as possible. The mini garden is neatly tucked away in the drawer and can be operated with little effort thanks to app control and automated lighting and ventilation. Simply water it and wait for nature and technology to work a little miracle together.
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The microgreens are ready for harvesting after 5 - 10 days, at the latest, however, when they have formed the first true pair of leaves. Then you can harvest your microgreens with the help of scissors and sustainably harvest only the amount that you want to process. You can enjoy your microgreens directly or store them in the fridge for a short time. But of course it is best to enjoy them fresh right after harvesting! Notice: The seed mats are organic, vegan and can be disposed of in organic waste after use.
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