Anti-slip mats for drawers and pull-outs - Design: Pearl structure

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Anti-slip mats offer a high level of comfort and additional benefits!
For drawers and pull-outs in widths 30 to 120 cm,
suitable for 50 cm depth .

With these practical insert mats, everything from crockery to pots and other kitchen utensils stays safely in place.
The anti-slip surface prevents items from slipping when opening and closing drawers or pull-outs.
In addition, an anti-slip mat enables gentle placement and protects the drawer/extension bottom from scratches and dirt. This also makes cleaning much easier.

When determining the size you need, you will need to measure the outside width of the cabinet, see product description for exact measurements.

Product description

Material: ABS-TPU
Surface: pearl structure
Colour: anthracite

Suitable for:

Kitchens from year of manufacture 10/2020
Cabinet cabinet depth: 561 mm
Drawer outer depth: 500 mm

Exact dimensions of themats (width x depth):

  • for 30 cm cabinet width outside = 176.5 x 473 mm
  • for 40 cm cabinet width outside = 276.5 x 473 mm
  • for 45 cm cabinet width outside = 326.5 x 473 mm
  • for 50 cm external cabinet width = 376.5 x 473 mm
  • for 60 cm external cabinet width = 476.5 x 473 mm
  • for 80 cm external cabinet width = 676.5 x 473 mm
  • for 90 cm external cabinet width = 776.5 x 473 mm
  • for 100 cm external cabinet width = 876.5 x 473 mm
  • for 120 cm external cabinet width = 1,076.5 x 473 mm

Other drawer dimensions can be cut to size.

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