Trend cutlery tray for drawers

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Cabinet width outside:
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Practical organizer - stable and well thought-out!

Cutlery tray Trend for drawers in widths 30 to 100 cm.
Suitable for drawers with 50 cm depth.

Keeping cutlery drawers tidy is child's play with the Trend cutlery tray. Knives, forks, spoons and kitchen tools can be clearly sorted in the various compartments. So they are always ready to hand when needed.
Trend is made of sturdy plastic and is very easy to clean. The timeless grey colour also adds a touch of chic.

When determining the size required for you, you must measure the outer width of the cupboard, for exact measurements see product description.

Product description

Material: plastic (polystyrene)
Colour: grey

Suitable for:
Kitchens from year of manufacture 08/2012
(not compatible with drawers built before 08/2012)
Cabinet cabinet depth: 561 mm
Drawer outer depth: 500 mm
Height of cutlery insert: 43mm

Exactdimensions of cutlery inserts (width x depth):

  • for 30 cm cabinet width outside = insert 189 x 474 mm
  • for 40 cm cabinet width outside = insert 289 x 474 mm
  • for 45 cm cupboard width outside = insert 339 x 474 mm
  • for 50 cm cabinet width outside = insert 389 x 474 mm
  • for 60 cm cabinet width outside = insert 489 x 474 mm
  • for 80 cm external cabinet width = insert 689 x 474 mm
  • for 90 cm external cabinet width = insert 789 x 474 mm
  • for 100 cm cabinet width outside = insert 889 x 474 mm
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