Waterproof mat for sink base units

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Intelligent protection‒compatible and safe!
Waterproof mat for sink base units in  widths 40-120 cm. 

Also suitable for units with heavy wear.

Damage inside your sink base unit due to moisture and wetness caused by leaky connections or spilled cleaning products are a thing of the past! Thanks to the continuous edge around this protective mat that retains its shape, large amounts of liquid are reliably caught before they can do damage. Additional advantage: The  waterproof mat can be easily removed from the unit for cleaning.

The protective mat  is also ideal for units that are subject to heavy wear, for instance  broom cupboards in the utility room, where it prevents vacuum cleaners and other devices from scratching the bottom shelf.

  • Protects the cabinet carcase against wetness and moisture
  • Collects residue from cleaning products
  • Prevents scratching of the bottom shelf  in heavy wear areas
  • With a more stable shape than comparable items made of aluminium
  • Flexible  handling  and easy cleaning

Product description:
Material: plastic, slate grey
For nobilia sink base units and units with heavy wear in widths 40-120 cm
Not for use with front pull-outs
Fits only 56.1 cm side depth 
incl. installation instructions
Not possible in conjunction with hose and cable feed-through SKD or with opening support mechanism Libero AOUL.

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